60 Leonard Road, Hanwood NSW 2680

Beds: 4 Baths: 2 Car Park: 3

Calling all young and growing families! Get Ready to Ignite Your Homeownership Dreams in the Electrifying Pulse of Hanwood!

Auction Location: On Site

Listen up, all you Hanwood superfans and future homeowners! We’ve got THE golden ticket you’ve been searching for at 60 Leonard Road, Hanwood. We’re talking life-changing, rocket-to-the-moon kind of opportunity!

Why This Isn’t Just a House—It’s Your Launchpad to Greatness! Dreamweaver’s Yard: Imagine this—1011 square meters of pure, unadulterated freedom. This isn’t just land; it’s a blank slate for you to paint your dreams onto. Ready, set, blossom!

The Core of Your Universe: This isn’t just a four-bedroom house; it’s a sanctuary where each room is a new chapter in the epic tale of YOU. Get ready to write your success story!

Kitchen Confidential: Picture this: YOU in a fresh new kitchen, channelling your inner Gordon Ramsay. Forget meals; you’re creating experiences here!

Socialite’s Paradise: Think epic. Think legendary. With this huge entertainment room, you’re not just hosting parties—you’re creating life-long memories that people will talk about for years!

Harness the power of the sun and keep those power bills down with solar panels, the ducted evaporative cooling is efficient as is the ducted natural gas central heating.

Parking: With room for three cars under cover and a second driveway with drive through access to the backyard, say adios to parking drama. Keep your focus where it matters: on living the dream.

The Pinnacle of Care: This isn’t just a well-maintained home; it’s a fortress of love and positivity, begging you to come and fill it with your vibe!

The Heart & Soul of Hanwood

Look, when you buy this home, you’re not just getting walls and a roof; you’re stepping into the life force of a buzzing community!
Hanwood Oval? Basically, your extended backyard for all the sports, fun, and community love you can handle!

Need some milk or craving some local grub? The Hanwood Village Store, butcher & pizza shop is just a hop, skip, and a jump away. Convenience? More like “life made easy!”

Let’s do this! Reach out now and let’s turn this dream into your reality. Because the only thing standing between you and this house is NOT taking action. Time to make a move!


Nathan Thomas

Licensed Real Estate Agent