Angelo Cirillo

Angelo Cirillo

Licensed Real Estate Agent

Angelo is the Ying to Nathan’s Yang. These boys are like an old married couple and it works! Approachable, you will often see Angelo chin wagging with the neighbours about the weather, the footy or how much real estate has changed!

Angelo’s aim is to push aside the idea of traditional real estate norms and instead replace them with a magnetic excitement that favours modernity, inclusiveness and balance. This is why he’s recognised for auctioning, marketing and negotiating the best real estate in the City.

Deliberate in his approach with an outstanding ability to form strong and open relationships. Angelo thrives upon what he does, and this is evident in his communication, conversations, connections and marketing. An inclusive, modern and vibrant professional who is ready to lead and support his clients.

Recognised for his innovative marketing strategies, he lets his reputation speak for him, and it speaks volumes.

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