Difficult to describe yet so powerful, it’s that instinct that guides and protects us. SOUL it’s what makes us who we are, it’s the essence of who you are.

When you interact with SOUL, you find that this agency that is full of a tangible positive energy that seems to flow from the guys at the helm Nathan and Angelo. Both are boisterous and confident and while they may appear as though it’s all fun and enjoyable, they take real estate strategy very seriously & they really know their stuff.

When you collaborate with these two, you’re left with a boost of determination and energy, they help to build each other up and ensure that those around them feel empowered as well.

What would any agency be without its amazing team, and in typical SOUL fashion, you’ll find more than just worker bees, you find a family that works together to exceed each other’s goals to succeed in everything they put their hand too. Maddi, Macy, Sarah and Patrick are such a dynamic young and powerful team that will be the future of a new style of real estate.

The team all thrive on connecting with people of all walks of life and reflect the SOUL vibe of positivity and understanding.

At the heart of everything they do are their core values.

[modern] the difference between merely surviving or thriving.The real estate industry is on the cusp of change and at Soul Property Agents we aim to transform the way real estate is done. This transformation is the result of purposefully breaking the mold of the traditional real estate agents. We value the use of technology to deliver the swift and transparent responses that are expected.

[balanced] our agency is a culmination of unified and balanced opposites. The contrasting facets of our agency’s personality do not fight for singular attention, rather they empower one another and work towards a unified change to real estate norms.
We are moved by purpose, yet spontaneous when needed. We are reserved, yet confident and bold in our actions.

[empowered] empowering people is the catalyst behind our magnetic and momentous service.It enables us to operate flexibly and recognise each and every individual. Furthermore, our clients are empowered through our core inclusivity, transparency and supportive direction and leadership.

[magnetic] magnetism is a key trait that sets Soul Property Agents apart from others. We define magnetism as an energy that runs through everything we do, especially in our modern approach to communication and connection. People instinctively connect with magnetic individuals, something that paves the way for improved trust and instant confidence.